Andrei Zeltser

Zeltsar’s widow Maryia Uspenskaya taken to mental health centre for psychiatric examination
Maryia Uspenskaya, the widow of the man involved in the widely reported shootout in Minsk, was taken to the so-called Navinki from the pre-trial detention centre, human rights defender Andrey Stryzhak said on Telegram with reference to his own source.
Minsk court rejects complaint against arrest of KP journo Henadz Mazheika. He remains in custody
Partyzanski district court of Minsk has considered a complaint against the measure of restraint applied to Henadz Mazheika, an author of the newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus. The court’s decision is to let the detainer stand, Russian news agency TASS reports.
Andrey Zeltsar's widow transferred to jail and tortured
Maria Uspenskaya’s relatives aren’t taking the show
Over 110 people detained in 'Zeltsar case'
Human rights activists drew up a list of detainees.
Over 80 people detained for insulting murdered KGB officer
People were detained in Minsk, Homiel, Vitsebsk, Mahiliou, and Zhlobin