Iryna Khalip: Lukashenka mistakes me for bondmaid

In latest Hot Commentary the wife of ex-presidential candidate Andrey Sannikau gave specifics of her suspended sentence being “overturned”.
“Lebedev came to my place as Santa Claus: “Iryna, bundle, we are leaving for Moscow! I have some footage with Aliaksandr Ryhoravich [Lukashenka] saying that you are absolutely free!” the journalist told Belsat TV about the Evening Standard proprietor’s attempt to make her day after he interviewed the Belarusian president.
As soon as Lukashenka loudly stated that Iryna Khalip is allowed to go abroad even being under suspended sentence her chief, the Novaya gazeta Senior Editor, phoned and said: “We are laying the table in the office!”
But there was nothing to rejoice over: when asked whether Lukashenka’s declaration would shape Iryna Khalip’s future a district penal body’s officers stressed that they should act in accordance with court orders, not with anyone’s words.
Did Lukashenka tell lies? “He adores feeling like a feudal lord […], he offered me to Lebedev instead of a wife, as a bondmaid!” Iryna Khalip said.
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