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2017.02.24 14:00

Kurapaty defender chains himself to truck (live stream)

One of the participants of the “watch” at the Kurapaty memmorial construction site, Syarhei Palcheuski, lay under the wheels of the truck and handcuffed himself to the bumper.

2017.02.24 16:44

Belarus invites China to join to privatization

2017.02.24 14:45

War is over? Belarus says agreement on Russia gas deliveries reached

2017.02.24 14:03

‘We will talk to Russia’: Angela Merkel shares Lithuania apprehension over Belarus NPP

2017.02.24 12:52

Police intimidate ‘parasite tax’ opponents

2017.02.24 12:18

Belarus at gunpoint: Russia sets up information warfare units

2017.02.24 10:52

First truck arrives at construction site in Kurapaty (photo)

2017.02.24 08:06

Interior Ministry comments on possibility to enter Belarus with PRD and PRL passports