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2017.03.23 09:07

Money, cat disappeared: Arrested Young Front leader’s flat searched in absence of owners

Young Front Zmitser Dashkevich who was arrested yesterday might be in the KGB jail. While his wife Nasta Dashkevich was trying to to find out where her husband had been taken to, their flat was searched.

2017.03.08 13:48

Schedule for protests against ‘parasite tax’ in March

2017.03.22 18:09

Police abuse in Minsk: Belsat TV contributors, Nasta Dashkevich detained

2017.03.22 16:54

Former political prisoner Zmitser Dashkevich and Artsyom Leuchanka detained by police

2017.03.22 14:05

‘Fiction out of the blue’: Ukraine, Lithuania flatly reject Lukashenka’s claims

2017.03.22 12:27

Сleanup before Freedom Day: Belarus authorities arresting all available activists (UPD)

2017.03.22 12:07

Bookseller Ales Yaudakha accused of preparing mass riots

2017.03.22 11:11

Witch hunt in Belarus? At least 10 persons reportedly arrested. KGB tight-lipped (UPD)

2017.03.22 09:37

Lukashenka playing blame game? Publisher and former activist Miraslau Lazouski arrested