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2017.01.16 08:59

Turkish cargo Boeing сrashes on populated area in Kyrgyzstan, 37 dead

A cargo Boeing 747 attempted to land at the country’s Manas Airport in poor visibility but crashed in populated area not far from Bishkek at 7:31 local time.

2017.01.16 17:06

Kremlin’s hundred prisoners: What Putin’s regime might lead to

2017.01.16 15:13

Rest or contracts? Lukashenka visiting Egypt

2017.01.16 14:01

From Nobel Laureate to farmers: Belarus stood up for ‘Belsat’

2017.01.16 12:11

Russia’s bank buys attempted Kempinski in Minsk for $1

2017.01.16 10:39

New luxury residence of Lukashenka gets public attention

2017.01.15 10:01

Belarusian cranberries sold in UK (Photo)

2017.01.13 13:27

‘Too short’. Foreigners’ take on five-day stay in Belarus without visa (video)