25.10.2014 15:55 Video

Belarus's need in EU's support increased - Polish Deputy Foreign Minister for Belsat TV

On Friday Uladzimir Makey, Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs, held a meeting with Polish Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Tomasz Orłowski. After the talks Mr Orłowski told Belsat TV that the...

25.10.2014 15:42

Poland's Deputy FM visits Belarus – one more try to reset relations?

24.10.2014 17:00

Battalion 'Donbas' commander Semenchenko to belsat.eu: There's war in Ukraine, not just ATO

24.10.2014 13:54

Exclusive: Putin's bullying forces Sweden to transform defense doctrine, invest more money in army - expert

23.10.2014 16:47

Lukashenka teaches Belarusian authors to write books: New ‘War and Peace’ wanted

23.10.2014 16:16

Ashton: EU aware of preventive arrests in Belarus, situation monitored

23.10.2014 14:08 Video

DPR ‘Prime Minister’ for belsat.eu: We'll retake Ukrainian cities which means an end to the ceasefire

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