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2017.08.19 14:04

Polish border guards saved Belarusian child

Polish border guards (Straż Graniczna) saved the life of a Belarusian boy, the press-service of the agency reported.

2017.08.20 08:15

Three times fewer people die on road in Belarus than in Russia

2017.08.19 16:01

Posters appear in Minsk in solidarity with detained anarchists

2017.08.19 10:20

Opposition activist finds wiretapping at home, gets arrested

2017.08.18 15:05

Head of Belarus on trial for genocide in American fiction movie

2017.08.18 12:55

Lukashenka teaches reporters how to reap harvest with sickle (photos)

2017.08.18 11:53

Picketers in Brussels: Third world war may be unleashed in Belarus

2017.08.18 11:24

Minsker may get 6-year jail term for getting naked during parade rehearsal

2017.08.18 10:08

Lukashenka drives combine harvester and tells about his childhood