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2016.07.29 07:46 Video

Lithuanian minister to Belsat: ‘We need accurate information about incidents at Belarus NPP’

The fact that Minsk is trying to stonewall any incident at the Belarusian nuclear power plant in Astravets is Lithuania’s major concern, Environment Minister Kęstutis Trečiokas said in an interview with Belsat.

2016.07.29 13:00

Google Maps changes names of 70 towns in Crimea

2016.07.29 09:49 Photo

Barys, Dzima, Larysa: Belarusian response to Barbie and Ken

Невядомы з нажом напаў на пікет Юрася Губарэвіча – ахвяраю стаў бел-чырвона-белы сцяг
2016.07.29 09:44 Video

Armed man attacks Yury Hubarevich picket damaging flag

2016.07.29 08:52

Reporters Without Borders calls for release of arrested Belarusian blogger

Таксоўцы ладзяць сабе пазачарговы выходны. Ці выльецца акцыя ў страйк?
2016.07.29 08:46 Video

Taxi drivers planning holiday that could end in strike

2016.07.29 08:33 Photo

Buffer zone wargame: Belarus peacekeepers between two countries

Журналіста аштрафавалі за тое, што выкрываў гвалт з боку міліцыянтаў
2016.07.29 06:42 Video

Belarus journalist fined for bringing police abuse to light