19.12.2014 15:11 Video

Response to 30% tax on purchasing foreign currency: Belarusians resort to exchange websites

A temporary 30% levy on purchasing foreign currency has been enforced in Belarus today, which is commonly regarded as a disguised devaluation.

19.12.2014 13:05

Masked devaluation: Belarus imposes tax on buying foreign currency 'in view of Russia's affairs'

19.12.2014 10:47

Merkel: Measure for lifting sanctions against Russia is Ukraine's territorial integrity

19.12.2014 08:40

Wife visits imprisoned ex-presidential candidate: 'He is very strong in spirit'

19.12.2014 05:01

'Russian spring' echoes: EU citizens restricted from touring, investing in Crimea

18.12.2014 18:26 Photo

Putin's 'polite people' at Minsk railway station

18.12.2014 17:13 Video

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State: Belarus leadership quite uncomfortable over binary choice

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