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2017.01.23 15:19

Protests against Lukashenka’s decree: Belarus opposition set to hold non-idlers march

Belarusian opporition parties which are seeking to revoke the so-called decree on ‘idlers’ signed by president Lukashenka in April, 2015 have held a press conference on Monday.

2017.01.23 13:41

Belarus may join WTO in 2017

2017.01.23 12:41

‘I’ve never been an idler’. Belarusian commits suicide over ‘social parasitism’ decree?

2017.01.23 10:14

Winter swimmers from all over Europe in Minsk (photos)

2017.01.23 10:07

NAVI band to sing in Belarusian at Eurovision 2017

2017.01.23 09:42

U.S. president Trump’s family may visit Belarus’ Navahradak

2017.01.23 07:51

Step by step, we will solve visa problem — FM Makey

2017.01.20 14:19

Rahachou woman’s suicide not caused by tax office letter — police