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2018.06.24 18:17

Welcome to Belarus. Draniks and Kupalinka: Ecuadorian finds love in Hrodna

Turn English subs on Juan Carlos Rosales Valdes came to Belarus from Ecuador to get economic education at Hrodna Agrarian University. Carlos plays football well, but he decided to stay in Belarus for some other reason… In Episode 3, you will see Juan Carlos taking part in the festival of national cultures, an event focused […]

2018.06.22 15:30 Video

Military vehicle crashes into passenger car near Hrodna

2018.06.22 15:20 Video

Rosselkhoznadzor lifts Belarusian milk supply restrictions

2018.06.22 10:58

Lukashenka presses EU for money

2018.06.22 09:21 Photo

Last peaceful day reenactment with NKVD and alcohol in Brest

2018.06.22 08:25

Not all parents with small children will receive state aid

2018.06.21 13:23

Latest Belarusian anti-tank robot to be shown at Minsk parade

2018.06.21 13:12

Football pseudo-fans storm Belarusian border

2018.06.21 12:32

Belarusian Gulliver: Monument to world’s tallest man appears in Vitsebsk