30.01.2015 18:02 Video

Six victims in Donetsk as cultural centre attacked

At least six persons have been killed in Donetsk in Friday. Kyiv says shelling was carried out by the rebels themselves to ruin the chance of peace talks while Pro-Russian separatists shift the bla...

30.01.2015 17:41 Video

Pay if you reveal the truth: Fines for journalism (ENG video)

30.01.2015 17:03

Poland: University professor may get sack due to affection for pro-Russian militants

30.01.2015 16:18 Photo

No talks on Ukraine today: Kyiv says Minsk agreement signers should appear

30.01.2015 12:01

'We are not spongers': Russia may render extra financial aid to Belarus - Finance Minister

30.01.2015 11:32

Russian mother of seven faces treason charges for call to Ukrainian Embassy

29.01.2015 11:25 Urgent

Belarus president gives press conference: We should sit on several stools

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