01.10.2014 14:20 Video

Donetsk: Separatists shell school, shuttle bus, death toll mounts 10

On Wednesday morning the militants of the unrecognised Donetsk People's Republic hit a shuttle bus with a volley of fire. Six persons were killed and one injured, the press service of Donetsk regio...

01.10.2014 13:02

IISEPS: Lukashenka’s popularity grows amid Russia-Ukraine conflict

01.10.2014 11:05

EU Commissioner: Ukraine still far from EU membership; bloc should encourage aspirations

01.10.2014 10:19

Prices for fuel soar

30.09.2014 16:40

Ukraine’s Euromaidan movement gets Lech Walęsa Award (video)

30.09.2014 14:14

Tymchuk: Donetsk Airport comes under fire from tanks, situation extremely tense

30.09.2014 13:59

Fighter jet Sukhoi Su-25 crashes in Lida district

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