21.10.2014 16:41

Kyiv: Ukrainian forces never used cluster munition

Ukrainian government forces used cluster munitions in populated areas in Donetsk in early October 2014, Human Rights Watch said on Monday.

21.10.2014 14:32

Back in USSR: Penalties for ‘social parasitism’ may be re-introduced in Belarus

21.10.2014 11:22

Sikorski about interview saying Putin offered Poland to divide Ukraine: My words were overinterpreted

21.10.2014 10:09 Video

Drunk snow remover driver may have caused jet crash killing Total CEO in Moscow

20.10.2014 15:04

Interviewing may be extreme in Belarus: Minsk police grab cameraman, journalist

20.10.2014 13:47

Lukashenka: We'll welcome all Ukrainians who want to live and work in Belarus

20.10.2014 13:19

Deputy FM hopes for lifting sanctions on Belarus officials: EU to fall into the same trap?

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