28.08.2015 18:26

ISIS militants have world's biggest armored cars - made of Belarusian BelAZ dump trucks

Earlier, Belarusian-made mining dump trucks were purchased for road construction in Syria. Now they are being used by islamists in assaults on enemy positions and suicide attacks.

28.08.2015 16:43

Head of BPF: We are not interested in wasting energy on Statkevich initiative

28.08.2015 14:06 Video

'Lukashenka ready to betray Belarus'. Opposition demands elections with participation of Statkevich

28.08.2015 13:11 Actualised

RIP 'Taras': Belarusian fighter for Ukraine dies of wounds (updated)

28.08.2015 11:43

Russian 'patriot' crushes iPhone: 'We should steal design, replace logo and produce own gadgets!'

27.08.2015 17:47 Video

'Power should be won peacefully' – ex-political prisoner urges opposition to boycott election

27.08.2015 16:31

There will be no 'Minsk-3' - Poroshenko