27.05.2015 10:49 Reportage

Political prisoner with tatoo 'Lukashenka, go away!' standing trial

Activist Yury Rubtsou is being tried in Pruzhany district court (Brest region). A criminal case under Article 415 of the Criminal Code (evasion from serving the sentence of imprisonment) was broug...

27.05.2015 14:41

Protest against torture in prison: Mikalai Dzyadok cuts abdomen, arms

27.05.2015 05:00 Video

'Not ready for holiday season': Yalta residents ask Putin to jail Crimean top officials

27.05.2015 00:07

Russia literally fences itself off 'Novorossiya' to ensure against armed criminals

26.05.2015 23:29

Russian Federation may suffer same fate as USSR - Newsweek

26.05.2015 22:07

Makey: Europe cannot replace Russia for us, at least not today

26.05.2015 20:17 Video

Media expert: Russians do not believe Kremlin's propaganda, they make fun of stories