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2016.09.28 06:30

RIP Shimon Peres, native of Valozhyn district. Israel’s former president passes away

The state of 93-year-old Shimon Peres deteriorated after he had suffered a stroke, sources close to him reported this week.

2016.09.28 05:14

‘Belarus’ tractor monument put up in Yakutiya

2016.09.28 04:37

Russian pensioner walks to Belarus to thank for flag at Paralympics

2016.09.28 04:15

Businessman killed and torched in car near Berazino

2016.09.27 20:09

Girl brings ecstasy into Belarus, gets jailed for 12 years

2016.09.27 11:40 Video

Sad birthday: Monument to Belarus volunteer fighter for Ukraine opened in Brest

2016.09.27 10:41

Every 20th Belarusian below poverty line

2016.09.27 09:24 Photo

Hrodna resident passes Grand Duchy of Lithuania era books to museum