Protesting teddy bears: now in Las Vegas

A protest action against the Belarusian president was held at the mining expo in Las Vegas: protesters brought there 1000 teddybears in T-shirts mottoed “Tyrant Tires”…

“We wanted to make the mining industry aware of the fact that Lukashenka, Europe’s last dictator, was controlling one of the biggest tire manufacturers in the world, Belshina. The dictator earns good money from this, money that he uses for financing the oppression of the Belarusian people. The thought we’d visit the worlds biggest mining expo in Las Vegas to inform the mining industry. They didn’t want us there, but we went anyway. We brought our own booth and 1000 teddybears protesting against Lukashenka,” video makers explained their actions.

Anonymous organisers stressed that they had been prohibited from coming to the expo but they still decided to hold a performance. They handed out about 1000 teddies.

It is not the first time that teddybears have opposed Lukashenka’s regime. On July, 4 hundreds of teddy bears carried in a plane piloted by two Swedes parachuted down on the Belarusian capital of Minsk and the town of Ivianets early morning in a show of support for the country’s pro-democracy movement. Swedish advertising agency Studio Total took responsibility for the action pointing out that sometimes they also use the money they earn to promote issues they find important, like treating all people the same, or the right to free speech.


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