Lukashenka to reform Ministry of Interior

“We should think about increasing the power of the police. Neither a district police officer nor the minister nor other officers should visit the same place dozens of times to convince someone. A police offer has to come once and use the clearly laid regulations to demand that a person must discharge his or her duties,” state-owned news agency BelTA quotes Aliaksandr Lukashenka as saying.
Ministry’s fist
Adopting a report of Interior Minister Ihar Shunevich, Lukashenka stated that the Ministry’s work should be more effective.
“We should leave a strong, healthy skeleton, even a fist in the MIA. These people will serve without much concern about their salaries. Certainly, money is of importance but he should give top priority to his service. As I’ve alreedy mentioned, I do not take well to militaries who start to make a lot of noise about their salaries and flats instead of speaking of service, their duty,” the president said.
Kabiakou and Piatkevich will cut government bodies short
According to Lukashenka, reforming will affect not only police but other government bodies as well: “Today I have given the order to establish a state commission preceded by the head of Presidential Administration [Andrey Kabiakou – Belsat]. Natallia Piatkevich, a presidential aide, will be deputy head. They will make the commission on government bodies’reforming.”
“I believe we will have to downsize government institutions by 25-30 per cent. Less trimming downstairs and more trimming upstairs while cutting away useless functions. Then we will considerably increase money allowance and salary of civil servants, hence policemen, militaries, etc.,” Lukashenka stated.
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