Former law enforcement officer Harauski prosecuted while his family falls under pressure from KGB

Former strongman Yury Harauski, who had unveiled information about his involvement in the murder of Lukashenka’s political opponents, brought a criminal case against him in Belarus. Also, Harauski spoke about the KGB pressure on his family, reports DW.

Yury Harauski. He claims that he killed the opposition activists on orders from above. Photo: DW

Former Belarusian special forces fighter Yury Harauski, who left Belarus and sought political asylum in Switzerland, said in 2019 that he took part in the murders of Lukashenka’s opponents. Now Harauski says the KGB has begun putting pressure on his relatives in Belarus. His mother, brother, ex-wife, and daughter are still there. They were summoned to the KGB, and in December last year, riot police picked up his brother from work and took him to the interrogation session conducted by the KGB.

On January 6 this year, he learned that a criminal case was brought against him, though he does not know under what article. The former law-enforcer will write a statement to the General Prosecutor’s Office, in which he intends to confess to the murders of Lukashenka’s political opponents.