Bysol to help torture victims appeal to universal jurisdiction courts

Pushkinskaya metro station. Minsk, Belarus. August 10, 2020. Photo: AV / Vot Tak TV / Belsat

Foundation for Belarusian Solidarity “Bysol” has developed a special bot helping Belarusians, victims of torture and violence by security forces, safely apply for justice in international universal jurisdiction.

The foundation notes that torture also includes light at night, dark, crowded, dirty cells, lack of mattresses, prohibition to lie on the bunk beds during the day, lack of correspondence, the punishment cell, and any cruel, inhumane, and contemptible treatment.

Thanks to the international universal jurisdiction principle, the Foundation for Belarusian Solidarity “Bysol” has already prepared and submitted to the Lithuanian police eight cases in which all persons are recognized as victims.

“To protect the rights of Belarusians who have suffered from violence by security forces or torture, the Belarusian Solidarity Foundation “Bysol” has created a special Telegram bot, which will help anyone to apply for justice within the framework of international universal jurisdiction. If you write to us in the bot @bysol_jurisdiction_bot, you can safely leave your application, and our experts will contact you,” say representatives of the foundation.

German lawyers have applied to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Germany, claiming that Alyaksandr Lukashenka had committed crimes against humanity.

Four German lawyers filed an appeal to the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Karlsruhe on behalf of ten affected Belarusians. The reason was the use of violence against civilians in Belarus against the background of peaceful protests after the presidential elections. On behalf of the victims of torture, the lawyers turned to the prosecutor’s office for justice regarding the crimes against humanity committed by Alyaksandr Lukashenka.