Yuliya Charnyauskaya’s health state worsens, as she is kept on house arrest

The lawyer says she needs a doctor’s supervision and examination, which is impossible under house arrest.

Yuliya Charnyauskaya. Source: Facebook

Her defense lawyer will insist on the house arrest to be replaced by a personal pledge not to leave the country because of deteriorating health, reports TUT.by, citing the lawyers.

On the day when her house arrest began, Charnyauskaya had a hypertensive crisis. She collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Due to this, she now has the highest possible level of hypertension scare — level 4. In addition, Yuliya has asthma, cardiovascular disease, and pain in her foot after she broke it in 2009.

“We very much hope that the investigation will treat the petition objectively and thoroughly,” Charnyauskaya’s defense said because it is obvious that, given her health condition and personality, there is absolutely no reason to think that her placement in a milder preventive measure could cause any problems for the investigating authorities,” the defense lawyers said.

On 18 May, law enforcers came both to Charnyauskaya’s house and the TUT.by office. The State Control Committee said they opened a criminal case over “tax evasion” because the portal “received revenues not conditioned by the activities permitted to the residents of the High-Tech Park.” Since then, both Charnyauskaya and 14 other employees of TUT.by and related companies have been in captivity.

Yuliya Charnyauskaya is a professor at the University of Culture, as well as a writer and publicist. She is indirectly related to TUT.by: the portal was founded by her husband, Yury Zisser (who died 1 year and 1 day before Charnyauskaya’s detention), but she has never been the company’s owner. She used to write columns for the portal and host a cultural program.