TUT.BY case

Minsk: Culture expert Yuliya Charnyauskaya released from house arrest
Yuliya Charnyauskaya, a Belarusian cultural studies scholar and the widow of popular Belarusian news portal TUT.BY founder Yury Zisser, has been released from house arrest. She has not been allowed to leave her flat for nearly nine months.
Yuliya Charnyauskaya's health state worsens, as she is kept on house arrest
On the day of her house arrest, she had a hypertensive crisis
Interior Ministry pushes for recognising popular media outlet TUT.BY’s content as ‘extremist’
On Friday, the Belarusian portal TUT.BY has reported the Interior Ministry’s having claims against the company. The media outlet has been publishing its materials only on social media platforms after the Belarusian security services raided its offices and detained 15 employees in May.
Tutby Media chief engineer suspected of 'abetting tax evasion'
Ala Lapatko is accused of aiding and abetting large-scale tax evasion (Part 6 of Article 16, Part 2 of Article 243 of the Criminal Code), TUT.by reports.
Widow of TUT.BY founder faces charge. Authorities bar lawyer from revealing what client is accused of
A charge has been brought against Yuliya Charnyauskaya, the widow of TUT.BY founder Yury Zisser.
Freedom of speech locked up: How many Belarusian media workers are now behind bars?
More than a dozen journalists, bloggers, media workers are behind bars in Belarus.