Belarus risks disconnection from global aviation data system

At a recent press conference, the Director of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport, Artsyom Sikorski, said that the issue of disconnecting Belaeronavigatsia from the global system of aviation data AIS (EAD) was being considered.

Artsyom Sikorski. Photo: National Press Center of Belarus

“Such an issue exists. We are currently discussing it with our European partners,” Sikorski said. “Unfortunately, our aviation partners explain that this political order has been received; it has nothing to do with our cooperation. This is probably the most unpleasant part, that aviation is used as a tool to exert pressure.”

Sikorski called the disconnection of Belarus from the AIS (EAD) “not entirely legal,” he said that in this way continues “the process of strangulation of the Belarusian aviation on the part of European partners.”

The Aviation Department Director added that the losses of the Belarusian aviation under the sanctions amounted to $10 million a month.

The Ministry of Transport continues negotiations with the European partners.

The European database AIS (EAD) is the world’s most extensive aeronautical data reference, providing up-to-date information on airspace changes, runways available for landing, airport operations, free air corridors, and other necessary details.

According to Anton Matolka’s website, where the blogger cites his sources, the shutdown could happen as early as November 15.

The disconnection may cause the airlines to stop flying through Belarus completely, as it would be dangerous to know what is happening in the airspace of Belarus.