Life in USSR was better – Kremlin mouthpiece survey

Many residents of former Soviet republics aged over 35 believe that economy had been developing better before the USSR disintegration (1991) than now, says a recent survey carried out in 11 countries by VCIOM, M-Vector, Expert Fikri и Qafqaz in 11 countries at the order of the pro-Kremlin news agency Sputnik.

The survey showed that the highest rates of agreement with this statement are found among respondents in Armenia (71%) and Azerbaijan (69%).

People over 35 believe that life was better in the USSR, compared to the post-breakup period, almost in every country, Sputnik reports with reference to the poll results: 71% in Armenia, 69% in Azerbaijan, 64% in Russia, 60% in Moldova, 61% in Kazakhstan, 60% in Ukraine, 60% in Kyrgyzstan, 53% in Belarus, and 51% in Georgia.

Only respondents from Tajikistan (39% against 55%) and Uzbekistan (4% against 91%) aged over 35 believe that life improved after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the survey shows.

At that, respondents (under 25) who were born after or shortly before the collapse of the Soviet Union believe that life is better now.

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