Yom Ha’atzmaut: 70 years of Israeli independence (photos)


On Thursday Israel marked its national day. 70 years ago the Declaration of Independence was signed.

The country declared independence on 14 May 1948, which corresponded with the Hebrew date 5 lyar in that year. If it falls too close to the Jewish Sabbath, it may be commemorated on Wednesdays or Thursdays before or after it. In 2018, it is marked on 18–19 April – in the Hebrew calendar, days begin in the evening.

In 1948, the Jews did not have much time for celebrating: immediately after the signing of the Declaration most men, including signatories, rushed up to the front.

At the present time, Israelis can party all day long. The feast is ‘fun – that is, not religious. People have an official holiday on Independence Day, but all the cafes and shops are open, public transport works. Israelis spend their time in the open air, eat, drink, dance and just have a good time, showing the world that they are fine in spite of all dark periods of their history.

Belsat TV reporter Denis Dziuba joined the celebrants in Tel Aviv:

Hasids staging event by sea
Locals watching film about declaring independence in 1948
Israel’s Day of Independence is movable, but always celebrated on Wednesday or Thursday
Until late 60s, there had been military parades and demonstrations of weapons, but later the state practically opted out of holding them. Only air and sea parades are staged.
Tel Aviv residents going for beach picnic
+30 degrees in Israel
Son jokingly hitting father with toy hammer, one of symbols of today’s celebration
Kids and adults flying kite not far from beach
Although the official part of the feast is taлing place in Jerusalem, the locals believe that their party is greater
Granddad, granddaughter, Mediterranean
Another indicator of the feast – foam sprays.
Going by bus to Florentin
There are many celebrants, but neither policemen nor police lines are spotted
Too many clients: bars and cafes also take to streets
Florentin: flea market
Downtown Tel Aviv
After celebration

Denis Dziuba

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