Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater turns 100

Today the theater has turned exactly one hundred years old. It was recently left without the manager and the main cast of actors. It is the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater, from where 58 workers quit in the wake of the recent protests. As the former manager of the Kupala Pavel Latushka told Belsat, it will take at least a decade to restore creative capacity.

The theatrical repertoire includes more than 25 performances on the main and chamber stages. The number of viewers in Belarus may reach 1,100 per evening. This is how the Yanka Kupala National Academic Theater grew in 100 seasons.

“It is impossible to replace a theater company that is unique due to its openness to the audience. Thanks to its souls and heart, it became an impetus for the development of the Belarusian national culture,” Pavel Latushka believes.