Welcome to ‘Belsat’ studio


For the Belsat anniversary, we made a gift not only to you but also to ourselves: it is a panorama of “Belsat” Blue studio in the format of 360 degrees/ 24 hrs / 7 days a week.

“Belsat” is made by living people, and there are hours of work behind every second of broadcast.

Our colleagues report from the European Parliament and polling stations of Catalonia, they are at the front of advanced military actions against ISI and in the calm of the Belarusian villages, they work under fire in Donbas and broadcast live from protest rallies like the one in the Square.

On a daily basis, our servers get hundreds of hours of video from Belarus and the world. Our editorial diligently selects the most important and most interesting events to feature in the evening news block that ends with “Abyektyu” (The Lens) — the good old television news with the weather and sports review.

The signal is sent to the satellite and the Internet from the blue studio. To get there, it is not enough to show a ‘Belsat’ ID card to the security: you need to know where the studio is exactly.

On the occasion of our 10th anniversary, we have opened the doors to everyone and we invite you in for a virtual tour of the studio and the director’s room. We welcome everyone: viewers, judges, police officers, and officials. We also welcome former employees of the channel, so that they would remember the place they once worked. It was hard, interesting, Belarusian style and without censorship.

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