Warsaw Museum: now in Belarusian

Polish, English, Hebrew, Yiddish, French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, and now the Belarusian language: our language is now available in the audio guide of the Polish Jews History Museum, which appeared in Warsaw in 2005.

The museum, which last year won the “European Museum of the Year” award and is one of the three most interesting places in the Polish capital according to foreign tourists, is now available in Belarusian.

It was the initiative of the Belarusian Embassy.

Belarusian has become the eleventh language available at the Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. Previously, our compatriots could use the audio guide in other languages, including Russian and English.

The change originated from the museum management and the joint initiative of the Belarusian Embassy in Poland. Its implementation took approximately six months.

“We did it together with the Jewish community in Belarus, with NGOs, with the ‘Uladzimir Bokun’ studio. This is our national language and it should be developed,” said Alyaksandr Averyanau, Belarusian Ambassador to Poland.

The innovation had a practical importance.

The number of visitors from Belarus has increased this year compared to last year and exceeded 500.

Currently, in addition to the permanent exhibition of the eight galleries that represent 1,000 years of the Polish Jews’ history, there is a temporary exhibition called “Blood. It unites and divides”.

Lola Buryeva, “Belsat”, photo: Agencja Wschod / FORUM

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