War game in Brest region: ‘Syrian wall’ and make-believe martial law


Belarusian military are practicing ‘modern methods of warfare’ at Abuz-Lyasnouski training ground near Baranavichy, Major-General Andrey Nekrashevich, Commander of the Armed Forces’ Chief Combat Training Directorate, says.

In addition, the military together with the Interior Ministry troops will rehearse the state of martial law.

As reported earlier, a tactical military exercise with the participation of the 19th Independent Mechanized Brigade is taking place near Baranavichy from April 23 to 27.

“We do not stand still – we do analyse everything that has been going on in the course of the recent international armed conflicts, and we make use of all that is admissible for us. For example, such methods of warfare, as the Syrian Wall or a tank carousel. All this will greatly improve the efficiency of subdivisions and units of our Armed Forces,” Nekrashevich stressed.

The Syrian Wall is the construction of embankments allowing soldiers to snipe, which is actively used during the Syrian conflict. A tank Ccarousel is tanks’ continuously firing at the enemy.

“Today, to one and the same place, we have deployed almost all fire weapons, even a flame subdivision” the top military official said.

According to the Ministry of Defense, more than 1,000 servicemen, about 34 tanks, 50 armored combat vehicles and 15 guns of artillery and rocket launcher systems participate in the exercise.

In March and April, Belarus conducted a large-scale inspection of its armed forces. It included exercises with combat weapons, the formation of a separate mechanized brigade and other events. Up to 2,000 people conscripted for military service, including women, were gathered for the event.

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