Viktor Yanukovych’s son to be buried in Crimea

Viktor Davydov who died on March 20 at Lake Baikal is Viktor Yanukovych Junior, the Russian TV channel Zvezda reports with reference to Irkutsk journalists.

According to the channel, charter flight of the airlines Tsentr-Yug which was not in the schedule arrived in Irkutsk to pick up the body. It then flew to Ufa, where, most likely, it refueled and headed to Simferopol.

Viktor Yanukovych Junior participated in sports activities at Lake Baikal, reports The Volkswagen minibus with the son of the former Ukrainian president and five more people fell through the ice. All of them survived, except Yanukovych who could not unfasten the seat belt in time.

The details of the Yanukovych’ death appeared on the Facebook page of the Ukraine Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Gerashchenko.

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