Children in Belarus given Soviet and Russian coins as change


The coins children were given 

Children in Novalukoml received change in wrong coins.

In the Vitsebsk region, change was given in the Soviet and Russian coins.

A family from Baranavichy, which spent last weekend vacationing in Novalukoml, became a victim of fraud. Children were given money for ice cream and sweets, and when they returned with change, it turned out that they had brought some strange coins.

Next to the new denominated cash, sellers gave children 15 Soviet kopecks of 1988 and 10 Russian kopecks.

“Children are 10 years old, and they are still not quite versed in new money. It is good they showed us first, because they could also go and pay elsewhere,” said a resident of Baranavichy Mikalay.

Sweets were bought in different places – kiosks and stores, so adults decided not to look for the place where their children got deceived.

The denomination in Belarus began on July 1, 2016. New money include 7 banknotes and 8 coins.

How new Belarusian coins look like



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