Japanese man with mini-arsenal detained in Minsk airport

At the national airport “Minsk” Belarusian law enforcers detained a Japanese citizen for illegally transporting weapons from Ukraine.

Customs and security service of the ‘Minsk’ airport noticed a large backpack of the Japanese man, who was flying from Ukraine to United Arab Emirates with connection in Minsk.

“The baggage inspection confirmed that the bag contained an arsenal of weapon parts: parts of Kalashnikov, pistols, ammunition, triggers, bayonet knives and other component parts of firearms,” Interfax quoted the airport press group.

The Department of the Belarus State Committee for Forensic Examinations in Minsk identified these items as components of firearms suitable for shooting.

The baggage owner could not produce documents to customs officers for the purchase and transfer of the small arms’ components and refused to explain where and why they had been bought.

The Japanese man was arrested. Investigation has been launched.


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