IS affiliate releases video plea from captured Russian intelligence officer


The IS-affiliated foundation Furat Media released a video plea from a captured Russian intelligence officer to Vladimir Putin and the Russian people.

The man claims to be a representative of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB),, a  non-governmental counterterrorism organization, reports .

In the video, he revealed his identity, rank and date of birth and said that his recent place of residence was the town of Tsaritsyn in Moscow region. He calls himself a ‘freelance agent of the 2nd Operations Division of the Federal Security Service of Russia in the city of Moscow’.

According to the presumptive captive, he was arrested during performing his task by the caliphate’s security service. The man urged the Russian authorities and to do everything possible for his release. The alleged FSB agent claims that he always did his best to fulfill the tasks set – ‘including those in North Caucasus’.

The movie bears little resemblance to those posted by IS militants before, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reports. The man was wearing not familiar orange clothes, but a baseball cap and a black jacket with the label ‘kaafir’ (in Russian), which has not been used to mark captives earlier.

The Russian authorities has not made any comment on the video plea yet.

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