Teenager tortured and intimidated by security forces ends up in intensive care

A minor from Minsk was taken to intensive care directly from the police department in Minsk.

In the evening of August 12, 16-year-old Minsker Timur M. went to his friend’s place, but did not return home to spend the night. The worried parents couldn’t get in touch with him, and the friend of the teenager reported that he hadn’t seen Timur that night, Artsyom M, Timur’s older brother, told Belsat.

Photo: Belsat.eu

As it turned out much later, the 16-year-old boy was detained by people in civilian clothes. “They came in a small bus. They jumped out with truncheons and started beating and grabbing everyone who was around. The detainees were dragged and stacked on the bus on top of each other. Later they sat on the detainees and did not stop beating them. One of the detainees even defecated in his pants from pain,” said Timur’s sister Katsyaryna.

The detainees were itimidated: “Now we’ll take you to the forest and shoot you there”.

“Timur told me that he was lying in the bus and prayed that they would not be shot,” his sister said.

Detainees were taken to a police station in Minsk. There, the torture continued. One of the detainees – a 14-year-old boy – was beaten in the groin. Another man was put down face to the floor. They put a baton in his anus and kicked it, getting it deeper into the rectum.

Timur was placed on his knees, his head was pulled back by his hair and a baton was inserted into his mouth. The teenager’s head was beaten against concrete, they beat him with a baton on the eyes, on the sides, Tasered his heels. People were forced to sing the official anthem of Belarus, and when they refused, they were beaten even harder.

Photo from Timur’s family

“Timur noticed that if someone shouted, showed that he was in pain, they beat him even harder. It seemed to Timur that he’d been in the police station for a whole day, but only a couple of hours passed,” said Katsyaryna.

The teenager felt very sick. He couldn’t move and started to choke. Timur remembered how one of the executioners addressed the other: “Captain Hushchanka, what will we do with this wimp?

The captain just hummed and said that the teenager be thrown into the cellar: “Let him die…” But another security officer objected and called an ambulance.

In the ambulance Timur was accompanied by a riot policeman, a man in black uniform and a balaclava on. The policeman shook his fist in front of the young man’s face and hissed: “If you say something, we’ll find you and kill you”. Then the policeman hit the young man hard in the face. Timur passed out.

Timur was taken to the 3rd city children’s clinical hospital. Doctors recorded a fracture of the upper jaw, diagnosed a closed skull injury, fractured by the truncheon, numerous contusions on the body. The boy was in a very bad condition, he was convulsing. Doctors decided to put him in an artificial coma.

As soon as Timur was taken out of the coma in the evening of August 13, the policemen almost immediately tried to get to his room, said the victim’s brother, Artsyom. “We will verify battery-induced injuries, document Timur’s condition and make a complaint to the prosecutor’s office,” he said.

According to Timur’s sister Katsyaryna, the boy is still in intensive care, he can’t open his eyes, all swolen after the beating, he is constantly nauseous, he can’t eat because of a broken jaw, his whole body hurts, and the teenager feels very intimidated and in a depressed state of mind.

“I don’t know what’s going on. “I’m shocked. We had a couple sitting on the bench near the house. A regular couple. Riot police drove up in a van, beat them up, grabbed them and took them away. We don’t know where they are now. This is some kind of terror, for which there is no explanation,” said Katsyaryna.

Viktar Shukelovich, Belsat.eu