Statkevich threatened with travel ban for failure to pay fine

Former political prisoner is to pay heavy fines for participating in peaceful protests, but he would not do it.

On March 29, Statkevich was told to come to the Leninski district police department of Minsk. He is under preventive supervision and has come to the police department if told to. This time, there were not only the police, but also the bailiffs, website reports.

“It turned out that the bailiffs wanted to talk to me. Honestly, I predicted this development and thus came to the department with my wife and a set of documents, which show that I have no assets.”

Policies was offered to sign the document stating he has three fines totaling 25.2 million rubles to prove he was given a paper like this. However, the politician said in response that without consultation with an attorney, he would not sign anything.

“Bailiffs recalled that in this case, they could turn off my mobile phone, it will be forbidden for me to use the car and travel outside of Belarus. Besides, they will take a court decision to go to the house where I live now. But this house belonged to the parents of Maryna Adamovich, there he son is living, but there is no property of mine. I am not even registered there. The situation is in fact outrageous. I even told them that I may live somewhere else. I will say that I do not live anywhere and let them look for me around Belarus,” said Statkevich.

The politician refuses to pay fines.

“They have the legal ability to get the fines – deduct money from my military pension. But, apparently, this option is not for them. Then let them show the world and their new friends that there is liberalization in Belarus. I cannot pay, because I do not consider myself guilty. Again, I have no possessions. Let them do whatever they wish, but I would not be tricked like this.

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