State TV filming series about maniacs, thieves and cyber criminals

The “Law & Order” project will premiere on January 11 at “Belarus 1” and “Belarus 24”. Creators promise to reveal the secrets of some of the professional policemen and give viewers “insider” information.

“The cycle of television films under the title “Law & Order” will tell viewers about the main law enforcement agency of the Republic of Belarus – Ministry of Internal Affairs. However, the project will not be built on the dry statistics and numbers of reports. The audience will be presented with eight separate series, each dedicated to a specific topic.  The first film of the series will be titled “Thief by profession” and will tells how and where “burglars” and safecrackers” work, the press-service reports.

The series also will talk about the problem of juvenile crime, corruption and cybercrime, maniacs and thieves-in-law.

The project is promised to be completed before the professional holiday of of the Ministry of Interior staff – Police Day – held on March 4.,

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