Sports Minister promised to meet with Maradona ‘if needed’

Siarhey Kavalchuk commented on the upcoming arrival of Argentinean Diego Maradona to Belarus. The new director of Brest Dynamo plans to arrive in Belarus on July 16.

Kavalchuk said to ONT TV that Maradona will help promote football in our country, but so far he had not planned to meet with him.

“If there is a need for such a meeting, we will organize it at the level of the Ministry of Sport. I think that Maradona will help in the promotion of Belarusian football, but for the Dynamo itself this is a big event. For the whole of Brest, for Belarus the arrival of the best player of the 20th century in the republic and the fact that he will make a contribution is important. We do not know what thoughts he has, what goals, what his plans are. He did not define his program yet. We only know that he has something to do with the Brest Dynamo.

Maradona signed a contract with the Brest club back in May, but has not yet come to Belarus, as he is in Russia for the World Cup, which ends on July 15. For visits to each game, thanks to a special FIFA program, Maradona receives € 11,000.

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