To fake or not to fake. Who prevents opposition politician from becoming MP?


On August 8th, the district election commission refused to register Ales Lahvinets, the deputy chairman of the Movement “For Freedom”, as candidate for the House of Representatives’ election referring to voters’ complaints.

His initiative group received two warnings – for pre-election pickets near Minsk Ring Road and in Suharava residential area, at which Belarusian rock star Lyavon Volski performed.

The politician considers this decision to be politically motivated.

Viktoryia Grodz, who allegedly filed a complaint about the action in support of Lahvinets held in the vicinity of the ring road and then retracted his words, changed her story once again.

Interviewed by Belsat TV, she said that she had written a complaint: “I appealed the district commission of Sukharava constituency with a request to prevent people from placing distracting objects on the road.”

Interestingly, the story she told Ales Lahvinets a few hours before was completely different.

“She said she had never heard about the situation and does not know who I am, and did not write any complaint. I read her statement and offered to send it to her via email. I sent, she read and said that it was not her handwriting, ” the politician told Belsat.

Ales Lahvinets has a recorded audio conversation and SMS texts from Ms Grod. In his opinion, it is a case of forgery, and he reported it to the police. Law enforcers are to ascertain whether there has been an offence within 10 days.

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