Russian ruble becomes world most risky currency

For the first time in the last six months, the Turkish lira gave up the title of the most risky currency in the world to the Russian ruble. This data is based on the actions of international traders who buy and sell currencies in the market.

According to Bloomberg, the Russian ruble is under heavy pressure from dropping oil prices, as well as the risk of tougher US sanctions. The incident in the Kerch Strait also delivered a strong blow to the position and confidence in the ruble.

As a result of political uncertainty, the dollar exchange rate may even grow to 80-90 Russian rubles, the analytical review of the RANEPA and the Gaidar Economic Policy Institute claims. The study also states that the likelihood of such a scenario is very high.

In addition to political reasons, the growth of the dollar in Russia can occur subject to a decline in oil prices to the level of 50-55 dollars per barrel. In such circumstances, inflation should be expected to be even higher than the planned 4 percent.

Эксперты распавялі, што будзе з курсам долара да канца года, according to GAAP.RU

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