Russian opposition activist beaten for revealing corrupt schemes

Beaten Dmitry Miropoltsev. Photo:

Russian opposition activist Dmitry Miropoltsev was attacked by an unknown person on the morning of August 7 in the city of Kaltan, Kemerovo region of Russia. According to the activist, a stocky man in a hoodie and a medical mask demanded that Dmitry “stopped digging” information about the administration of Kaltan.

“Now, in line with my complaint, the scheme of financing municipal road buildin companies is considered illegal. This is more than 50 million rubles a year,” said Miropolitsev, “Sibir.Realiyi” reports.

The human rights defender’s teeth were knocked out and his nose may be broken as a result of the attack.

The Interior Ministry has so far refused to comment on the beating of the human rights defender.

Earlier Dmitriy Miropoltsev also tried to get the election of the mayor of Novokuznetsk cancelled after he discovered violations during the registration of the incumbent mayor Sergey Kuznetsov as a candidate.


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