Russia to help Belarus fend off coloured revolutions, protect sovereignty – envoy

Mikhail Babich, phot.

All talks about a threat to the sovereignty of Belarus is part of an election technology aimed at mobilizing voters by creating the enemy image, Mikhail Babich, Putin’s special representative and Russian Ambassador to Belarus, believes.

But it is unwise to implement the technology at the expense of relations with the closest ally and the brotherly nation, Babich said in an interview with Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

“It seems to me that everyone has been wondering for long who is encroaching upon the sovereignty of Belarus and from whom one is going to protect it? If it is a threat from the West, similarly to the well-known coloured revolutions and coups, the Russian Federation, as an ally, will be upholding the sovereignty together with Belarus by all available means,” the Russian official promised.

However, he expressed hope that Belarus was not driving at its partner when making allusions.

“Russia does not deserve such an attitude,” the diplomat said.

Interestingly, in its report released on March 12, the Estonian Foreign Intelligence Service (FIS) stated that a war between Russia and NATO might be sparked by a ‘coloured revolution’ in Belarus.

In October 2018, Mikhail Babich said that Moscow would consider any attack on Belarus as an assault on Russia with ‘all that it implies’.

Russia set to defend Belarus. From whom?

Mikhail Babich, who is connected with the Soviet KGB and the Russian FSB, could become the ‘ambassador of war’, that he is a ‘professional saboteur’ and a ‘classic candidate for the Kremlin to work with separatists in Donbas to organize force operations’, Ukrainian experts believe. According to some Russian media outlets, this appointment is indicative of Moscow’s holding a course for the takeover of Belarus.


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