Russia: Putin’s units ‘bury’ Donald and Ivanka Trump (video)


Vocal supporters of the Russian president avenged themselves on Donald Trump by arranging a symbolic burial of his photo.

Representatives of the Krasnodar civil movement ‘Putin’s units’ challenged the sworn enemy from the US as well as Russian opposition activists. First, they dug holes and then buried pictures of Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka, opposition politician Alexei Navalny and Telegram messenger owner Paveł Durov.

“I am burying this agent of the US Department of State with great satisfaction!” one of the participants said about the photo of Navalny. Durov was called ‘genetic traitor’. The Trumps were labelled as ‘a warmonger’ and ‘the most blood-thirsty woman in the world’.

They also put an American flag into the hole and covered it up with soil, which was followed by joyful comments: “We have collected all sh*t here”. Most participants, including elderly women, were wearing T-shirts with the inscriptions ‘We Are For Putin’, ‘Putin’s Units’.

The leader of the movement is Marat Dinayev, the founder of the Krasnodar charity foundation “Social Justice”. Earlier, its activists gained notoriety for throwing arrows at portraits of Western leaders. following, HFRM

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