Russia loses over 300 people in Syria over week


About 300 people who served in the ranks of the so-called The Wagner Group were killed and wounded in Syria last week, Reuters reported citing three sources familiar with the circumstances of the incident.

The time of losses coincided with the February 7 battle in the vicinity of the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor, where the United States attacked the formation associated with Moscow’s ally, Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The wounded, evacuated from Syria in the last few days, were taken to four Russian military hospitals, five sources familiar with the situation said. A doctor working in a Moscow hospital and treating injured people from Syria noted that as of Saturday, there were more than 50 such patients in his hospital, of whom 30% were seriously injured. At least three planes with the injured arrived in Moscow from Friday to Monday. The Russian military doctor said that nearly 100 people were killed.

Yevgeny Shabayev, the ataman of the Khovrino Cossack society, visited friends on Wednesday who were wounded in Syria, at the Central Military Hospital of the Ministry of Defense in Khimki. According to him, the wounded told him that two units of Russian mercenaries, who took part in the Battle of Deir ez-Zor, numbered 550 people. Of this number, only about 200 people were killed and not wounded.

A source close to the Wagner Group, who spoke with the participants of the battle on February 7, said that his acquaintances told him about more than 80 dead fighters from Russia. This source claims that the total number of about 300 dead and wounded in general is correct., Reuters

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