Repression wave engulfs Belarus: detentions and trials continue

At least a dozen protesters have been imprisoned already. Two independent media staff have received heavy fines. Information about new detentions, subpoenas and threats is coming from different regions.

Thanks to the work of “Belsat” this footage has been seen around the country and triggered a reaction beyond. Mass detentions of protesters have been covered also by Katsyaryna Andreyeva. Together with her cameraman, she was detained the other day in Vorsha.

Journalists punished with ruble

After the Vorsha District Court heard the case against the journalist for allegedly disobeying police and violating the Law on Mass Media, Katsyaryna was fined 30 basic units.

A 575 rubles’ fine was given to the radio “Freedom” journalist Halina Abakunchyk. She was accused of participating in an unauthorized march. The journalist pleaded not guilty and said that she was fulfilling her editorial’s task.

In Vorsha, Brest and Babruisk, at least ten activists were punished by administrative arrests. Among them are Paval Sevyarynets, Maksiim Lubinski, Vasil Berasneu and Viktar Andreyeu, who will spend from two to fifteen days behind bars.

Some protesters did not even have time to get out of prison

The court of Leninski district of Brest once again arrested civil society activists Andrei Dzenyushkin, Ruslan Khalikau and Dzmitry Leuchuk. According to the protocol, they were swearing during their release from the previous 5-day prison term. The court sentenced them to five more days.

Disabled people punished with heavy fines

Recently, the head of the Minsk regional organization of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party was fined 50 basic units for participation in a protest in Maladzechna. He was later fined for the same amount for the march in Minsk on 17 February. In total,he was fined for about $1,200.

Recent protests have caused a new wave of pressure and persecution. Only in the past few days, police detained at least fifty protestors. Since the beginning of March, more than 70 people have been detained. Police are sending out new subpoenas. The trials will continue in the coming days.

Yan Babitski, Belsat, photo: Alena Stsyapanava

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