Pickets of Tsikhanouskaya in Slutsk and Salihorsk disrupted, people arrested

On August 4, the area where the United Headquarters campaign rally was to take place was fenced and filled with large equipment. The same happened in Salihorsk and other district centers.

In Slutsk, the area for picket had a tractor and a truck tower parked in it..

The day before, Slutsk district executive committee sent a message to the trustee of Tsikhanouskaya Mikalai Maslouski that it would be impossible to hold the rally at the declared site “due to the need for urgent construction work.

However, the trustee sent an application for a rally in Slutsk back on July 20.

Volha Kavalkova, a representative of Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya’s headquarters, told Radio Liberty that there’s no work on site in the afternoon, the equipment is just parked there. The site, where the rally is scheduled, was fenced.

The other day, the authorities disrupted the meeting of Tsikhanouskaya with voters in Stoubtsy – there was allegedly an accident at the stadium.

“When we arrived, there were trucks working, which seemed to repair the roof flooded with rain. Also in front of the Zelenstroy ground there were planting flowers. An hour later it turned out that something else got broken there as well. The whole site 100 by 100 meters collapsed only because Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya was to come there,” said Kavalkova.

However, people in Slutsk did gather at the site. As of 18:00, there were about 500 people there. Riot police arrived at the scene, arrests began. The video of brutal detentions was published by Nasha Niva.

People were chanting “Shame!” to the riot police. According to human rights activists, about 15 people were detained in Slutsk.


It is also reported that in Salihorsk the authorities brought equipment to the stadium where the event was to take place.

“Now we are in Salihorsk. The head of the ideology department of the local district executive committee refused to talk to us, as the working day is over. He refused to give any information over the phone, said he would send a letter. The policeman locked himself up in the stadium administration office in order not to answer any questions,” said Kavalkova.

She plans to warn people that the rally will not be held there because of the obstacles made by the authorities. Several hundred people took to the streets anyway.

Salihorsk is waiting for the rally, which will not take place. Photo: Belsat
Photo: Belsat

After some time, arrests also began in Salihorsk. Riot police drove people off the site.

Uladzimir Ufimtsau, a journalist of the Leader-Press newspaper, was among the detainees.

Photo: Belsat
In Salihorsk, police drove people out. A girl sat down in protest. Photo: Belsat
Photo: Belsat


Photo: Belsat
Photo: Belsat

In addition, rallies with the participation of trustees of the candidate were not held in Dzyarzhynsk and Vileika. Yesterday, the authorities disrupted a meeting with voters in Stoubtsy – there was allegedly an accident at the stadium.