Police threaten musician to take away her children

Musician, artist, presenter and former state TV employee Katsyaryna Vadanosava received a threat from an unknown police department officer. She was told to come to police station, but from the telephone conversation, it was not even clear which station was meant.

“I don’t even know which police department they wanted to see me in. The man did not introduce himself and did not say where he was from. He immediately asked if I had been on the 4.10 march, I replied that I have 2 children, so I could be at home, and the children would confirm. But the man did not accept this argument, since the children are underage.”

When Katsyaryna refused to talk and offered to send her a summons, the man on the phone decided to put pressure on her. “Maybe he did not understand the word “summons”, first of all, because he simply ignored this measure. And secondly, he said that if I do not come, they will come under my doorway and “take me in”. I noted that we are always with the children. To which I heard the answer that my children will go to the orphanage.”

Musician Katsyaryna Vadanosava

Vadanosava thinks such attention to her has to do with the fact that she and her friends participate in local concerts:

“I was even offended that they summon people for the march. When they began to detain the musicians, I thought that I would protect our gusli player who had already did time at Akrestsin Street. But so far they had not shown interest in me about this.”

The caller’s number was hidden:

“When I asked him to introduce himself, the man muttered something and hung up. So I can’t even call him back and agree to a conversation. I don’t know what police department I was summoned to. And what is the threat about children? How likely is it?”

Musician Katsyaryna Vadanosava

Just in case, Katsyaryna asked people on Facebook to look after her children, since the situation is completely unclear.

“I’m not afraid of anything anymore. If something happens, I will transfer my son to a private school, where I now work. It may cost a lot of money, but we’ll think of something,” she said.