Paid parking zones to expand in Minsk

In addition, the city authorities want to close the center courtyards for cars.

“In Minsk there are no problems with parking, in Minsk there is a problem with parking near houses. And we will never solve this problem. It is impossible to build a parking lot at the entrance to each house,” said at a press conference the chairman of Minsk city executive committee Andrei Shorats.

The official also noted that today the parking complexes and parking lots that were to unload the center of the city are almost not in demand:

“Of the 200 seats in the intercepting parking lots only 10 are taken, while the day price of the spot can be compared with the value of the travel ticket for public transport. It was assumed that a person comes to the parking lot, puts the car there and goes to work on the subway. But no: they need to drive directly to work, and park under the window.”

“Gradually we will expand the center of the city and make paid parking. Thus we will try to remove the cars from the center. In parallel, we will decide how to close the yards for parking. But it cannot be done quickly. It is necessary to solve a number of legal issues. But we must still change the mentality, and this is not done quickly,” said the mayor of Minsk.

He believes there are enough parking spaces in Minsk. “Today, they are even being redesigned into offices, go-kart spaces, since they are not in demand among motorists,” said Shorats.

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