Over 60% of Russians believe USSR was able to win World War II on its own – survey

Only 28% of Russians believe that the USSR did need the help of allies to defeat Nazi Germany, a recent survey of Levada Center says.

9% of the respondents had no opinion on the subject.

The interviewees were also asked about the causes of the huge Soviet losses during the Second World war. 36% say the cause was a surprise assault by the Nazis. 24% name the enemy’s technical superiority. 12% pointed out the fact of the Soviet command held human lives cheap.

As annual surveys show, the number of people who is critical about the Soviet Union decreases year by year.

Under the lend-lease agreement the USSR received 435,000 trucks, 12,600 armored vehicles, nearly 2,000 locomotives, 2.5 mln tons of fuel, 317 mln tons of explosives, thousands of tons of food, clothing, footwear from the United States and the United Kingdom. In 1944, the allies started landing in Italy and France.

belsat.eu, following Levada Center

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