ONT TV suspends gymnast Melitsina Stanyuta who opposed brutal arrests

The well-known sportswoman had a rubric in the program “Our morning” on Mondays. However, cooperation with her has been suspended until autumn.

Gymnast Melitsina Stanyuta appeared on Mondays in the program “Our Morning” on the ONT TV channel. There she showed how to warm up before the working week. However, the cooperation with her is suspended until autumn. And, as she wrote in her Instagram, she found out about it by accident.

“Friends, those who trained with me every Monday in the program “Our Morning” and did not see the section this Monday – the section will not be released at least until September. I don’t know the reasons. I found out by accident. Keep practicing and stay healthy and beautiful,” Stanyuta wrote.

The gymnast wrote about the suspension of cooperation with ONT in her Instagram. Screenshot.

Earlier she wrote a critical post where she negatively commented on the detention of people lining to the symbal.by store.

“In democratic countries, if a citizen does not break the law, they are protected! And what was that yesterday?! Standing in line to the store then sitting in a paddy wagon! Where’s the law that protects us?!”


Melitsina Stanyuta is a gymnast, great-granddaughter of actress Stefaniya Stanyuta, multiple winner of European and world championships. In 2016, she retired from professional sports.

Stanyuta is not the only employee of a state television channel that had her work stopped or suspended after critical comments on the actions of the authorities. This happened to STB TV presenter Artsyom Martsinovich, ONT TV presenter Zmitser Vranhel and BT TV presenter Dzyanis Dudzinski.