Only 10% of Belarusians have negative stance towards EU

89% of Belarusians feel positive or neutral about the European Union, the recent report by EU Neighbours east project says.

The majority of the population continues to maintain a largely neutral stance towards EU (53%) and ‘neutrality’ is even more widespread than in 2018 (up 10%). Over one in three citizens have a positive view (36%); 10% have negative stance.

Compared to 2018, more citizens positively acknowledge the relations between their country and the EU and currently 62% the population describe them as ‘fairly good’ (56%, up 10%) or ‘very good’ (6%, up 2%).

Around one in two Belarusians tend to trust the European Union (51%), the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) (48%) and the United Nations (UN) (47%). At that, NATO gathers a much lower level of trust (19%) – reflecting the more cautious attitude of citizens over NATO’s operations in the region.

Visa facilitation agreement between Belarus and EU to be signed soon

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