New on Belsat: live broadcasts from London and changes in TV schedule


Please check information on the new format of the ‘Just Like That’ program at the end of the article

Find out what’s new for you at Belsat, and whether broadcast time of your favorite programs has changed.

Programs that were previously scheduled after the main news release “In Focus” have been moved to an earlier time:


18:40 “Mysteries of Belarusian History” (previously, 21:15)


18:35 “Reporter” (previously, Thursday, 21:25)


18:25 “Villagers” (previously, 21:25)

The talk show “Each of Us” and “The Melnikau’s Report”, which are broadcast at the same time every two weeks, have been moved from Saturday to Friday:


18:35 “Each of Us” / “Report”

The program “Belsat Music Live” has been moved to a later time:


21:15 ‘Belsat Music Live’ (previously,20:15)

Friday’s “Talk of the Day” has been moved to Sunday:


21:15 “Talk of the Day”

On January 8th, we expanded the program “Just Like That”. It will be broadcast daily from Monday to Friday from 19:30 to 19:55. We created a network of correspondents in Russia and Ukraine, including in the front-line zone. Their reports will be shown in the expanded issue of “That’s So.” From February, we plan to launch live broadcasts from London, where our colleagues from the BBC will prepare materials for you in Russian on international topics.

After the program “Just Like That”, at 20:00, Belsat will show the traditional information block “Studio Belsat” followed by the ‘In Focus’ at 21:00.

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