NATO forces to practice Suwalki gap defense

Иллюстрационное фото

On June 17-19, NATO forces located in Lithuania and Poland will hold their first training session practicing defence of the so-called Suwalki gap which may be used to get support from allies in case of war with Russia in the Baltic countries.

The exercise will be attended by about 1,500 Lithuanian, Polish, British and US troops, armored vehicles and helicopters. This drill is part of the international exercise “Iron Wolf 2017”, Delfi reports.

The Suwalki gap is considered the achilles’ heel of the Baltic states. It is a border strip between Lithuania and Poland of about 100 km, which borders with Kaliningrad in the west and Belarus in the east. In the case of its capture during the war, the road to the Baltic States for the NATO troops will be closed.

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