Monument to ballerina appears in Homiel

The monument to the “Little Ballerina” has been opened in Homiel. The local officials position it as a gift to residents on the day of the city and the next festival “Sozh round dance”.

The sculptor Uladzimir Andryiyanau worked on the monument right in the choreographic hall next to future dancers.

The architect and public activist Syarhei Lyapin believes that it is the real Homiel citizens who did something important for the city that should be embodied in the monuments, and not just characters.

Monuments appear regularly in our city. But these monuments are most often devoid of monumentality and meaning,” said Lyapin. He also believes that there is a big problem with lobbying a monument of some historical real person. This problem manifests itself in the presence of an administrative barrier: a monument to a specific historical personality must be agreed at the highest level.

Therefore, for a long time there have been no monuments to real people erected in Homiel, explains the architect. It is much easier to put up some kitsch, than a monument of a real historical person.

Hanna Vashchanka, belsat

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