Moldova’s constitutional court suspends Igor Dodon’s presidential powers

Igor Dodon, phot. TASS

Moldova’s constitutional court has suspended the powers of president Igor Dodon on Tuesday.

Previously, Dodon had repeatedly blocked the government’s choice of new ministers in a reshuffle.

“In retaliation, the ruling coalition appealed to the constitutional court to suspend Dodon’s powers so that the government could push through its choice of ministers,” Reuters reports.

Now the court is to hold which of the two will perform the duties of head of state to approve candidates – Speaker of the Parliament Andrian Candu or Prime Minister Pavel Filip. The corresponding decree is expected to be signed on 5 January. Earlier, the court allowed Speaker Candu to appoint Defense Minister under his own power after president Dodon had rejected a candidate twice.

Dodon is a pro-Russian politician, while the government Democratic Party aligns itself with Europe.

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