Lithuanian police give up Kalashnikovs

After the Paris terror acts, Lithuanian police were given Kalashnikovs, but now they give them back.

“We have redistributed the weapons that we have to give up combat weapons, that is, Kalashnikovs,” Police Commissioner Lynas Pyarnavas told reporters on November 23.

The decision came after two incidents in Vilnius, when one policeman accidentally injured a homeless person and the other allowed the suspect to steal weapons and run away with it. To detain the latter an operation was carried out with the participation of three thousand armed men.

The Police Commissioner, who met with the President of Lithuania, said that extra funds will be put into the training of police and excercises.

After the police caught the suspect, who had fled with a gun, the weapons got redistributed – to have fewer law enforcement officers patrolling the streets with old Kalashnikovs.

At a meeting with President of Lithuania Dalia Grybauskaite were raised the issues of financing of forces responsible for public security, there was voiced a request for additional 18 million euros, 8 million of which will be given to the police.,  Delfi

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