KGB: extremist actions of protesters can be qualified as act of terrorism

According to Kanstantsin Bychak, head of the KGB Investigation Department, “in recent days, cases of extremist manifestations by protest-minded persons have become more frequent in Belarus”.

As an example, he cited “an attempt to seize the building of the Central District Internal Affairs Directorate by radical citizens” during a march on October 25 in Minsk. Also, according to Bychak, on the night of October 25 in Homiel, under the flagpole of the white-red-white flag, a “mine-trap” was found, which was to be triggered if someone tried to retrieve it.

“In addition, two attempts were made to set fire to the kiosks using Molotov cocktails.”

Bychak listed cases of deliberate closure of the circuit, which caused software malfunctions and “would have led to numerous human casualties, man-made disasters, large material damage, if these actions were not stopped” on various sections of the railway.

“These actions were planned and implemented by organized criminal groups, pursuing the goal of destabilizing the socio-political situation in the country, intimidating the population, and forcibly changing the current constitutional order.”

Such actions associated with the commission of explosions, arson, and other actions that create the danger of death of people, causing bodily harm to them or the occurrence of other grave consequences, in order to influence decision-making by the authorities or obstruct political or other public activities, are qualified as an act of terrorism ” …

Bychak added: “The actions of those involved will be given an appropriate legal assessment.”