No borders for feelings. Brazil’s Sepultura frontman in love with Belarus girl

The photo of the Brazilian metal band’s vocalist Derrick Green wearing a T-shirt with the Belarusian ornament has recently aroused the curiosuty of Internet users. As it turns out, there has not been without a love story.

Belarusian Yuliya Smirnova met Derrick Green in Minsk where Sepultura was giving a concert. The girl was selling leather goods and jewelry there.

“It seemed to me that we had known each other for all our lives. And the feeling was mutual,” says Yuliya.

Фота з сацыяльных сетак

The girl lives in Minsk, Derrick is a resident of Sao Paulo, but they regularly visit each other.

“Of course, being partners in a long-distance relationship is not easy. But we talk every day and plan our future.”

Knowing that Derek is interested in the cultures of different countries, Yuliya gave him an ornamented T-shirt made by the Belarusian company as a gift when she came to Brazil.

The girl was impressed by the country and in particular, by the responsiveness and openness of its people. “There is a different culture of relations between people, there is a certain level of trust, friendship and mutual amicability,” she says.

Not long ago Derrick Green visited Belarus and celebrated his birthday here. The musician was a little bit surprised by the cold winter in Belarus, but on the whole, he liked his staying in our country.

“He is such a dear, he is sensible, kind and sincere… And he loves our Belarusian draniks [potato pancakes]!”

The young couple are set to live together in the near future, but they have not yet decided on which continent they will settle.

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