Journalist Zhukouski fined 410 USD while still in hospital

After the attack by an unknown man who sprayed the journalist with chemicals, Zhukouski spent the night in the toxicological department of emergency hospital. Now he is feeling better.

He said he had signs of poisoning but was feeling better and was planning to go to court over the incident.

Also, on August 9, he received a letter from the court. Zhukouski thought it was a subpoena, but it turned out that there was a court hearing with him in absentia where he was fined 805 rubles.

“I was not informed about the trial, I called them, they said they had sent me an sms. But I did not receive it. I received a protocol on August 3, then I was told that they would only send it to court. It was clear they were in a hurry, as the deadline for liability was approaching. Obviously, the hearing was held on the same day,” said the journalist.

On 8 August, Kastus Zhukouski was attacked by a pig farm worker and sprayed with an unknown substance. The incident occurred when the freelancer and cameraman Andrey Tolchyn went to the village Zyalionyia Luki to visit a pig farm “Dobraya Hryushka” to check the information on mass pig disease.

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