Journalist Kastus Zhukousky detained, chained to tree, his camera broken

Traffic policemen have detained Kastus Zhukouski’s car and took him to the police station by force.

The reason for detention is unknown. Policemen demanded the papers on his camera.

During the conflict, a second traffic police crew arrived. The policemen chained Zhukouski to a tree, and then shoved him into a police car by force. The journalist was screaming in pain.

“His car was stopped. The Lieutenant-Colonel did not introduce himself. He came up with a story of Kastus repeatedly violating the traffic rules, but in fact Kastus had received no summons. He told us to go to the traffic police station to sort the whole thing. Kastus said that would not go anywhere, and I was filming it. The policemen snatched out my camera and prevented me from filming. It may have been damaged,” said Kastus’ friend.

Kastus Zhukouski was present at the trial of the blogger Maksim Filipovich, who is being accused of “replacing the media”.

“The executive committee expert Barysau pointed out that “No Guarantees” channel cannot be attributed to the media and the registration of YouTube channels is not subject to law,” Andrei Strizhak wrote on Facebook.

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