ISIS militants have world’s biggest armored cars – made of Belarusian BelAZ dump trucks

Earlier, Belarusian-made mining dump trucks were purchased for road construction in Syria. Now they are being used by islamists in assaults on enemy positions and suicide attacks.

Ukrainian news agency has published a photo of such a vehicle on Twitter. According to its information, the Belarusian dump truck was being prepared for an attack on the Syrian Air Force’s air base, located 60 km from Palmyra.

Designed to work in excavations, Belarusian BełAZ dumpers appeared in Syria in the 60s. Syria became the first foreign customer of BelAZ. Since then, nearly 500 dump trucks have come to the Syrian market from the Belarusian town of Zhodzina, where they are manufactured.

The last deliveries arrived in Damascus in the late 90s. In 2008 Syrian Deputy Prime Minister visited Belarus. In Zhodzina he discussed prospects for further cooperation with the Belarusian producer.


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