Interior Ministry Press Secretary involved in scandal with Minsk policeman statue fired

Unexpected news came from the Belruian Ministry of the Interior.

Heorhi Yauchar, Head of the Information and Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, lost his position. According to some sources, Yauchar was removed from his post for unsatisfactory performance. However, the last scandal with a teenager who slapped the policeman’s statue face and was later forced to apologize to the sculpture, as well as the police, was the last straw of patience of Minister Shunevich patience.

However, Mr Yauchar describes on Facebook his dismissal solely as voluntary and on his own initiative. Myachyslau Hryb, retired police lieutenant general, has commented on the situation:

“… In order for the police to have a good image, it is necessary that the police treat their population well, so that they have a connection with this population. […] But since this is not the case in the authoritarian regimes, the police are vertically subordinate to their leadership and the authoritarian regime established in our country, and it has nothing to do with the population. […]

I am sure that the police are not the same, they are different, and different people are now working in the police. […] They are now hostages of the situation. Today, there is not even a trade union organization in the police, not a single one. By and large, the police are powerless. They can do nothing against the arbitrariness of their leadership. They have no leverage for this … ”

Photos were taken from the official page of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus

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