Industry in shock as journalists put in jail en masse correspondent Darya Spyavak, who was detained on October 17 during a march of students, was punished by the court with 13 days of arrest.

The journalist was detained on October 17 when she was covering a student protest. Two protocols were filed against her — under Art. 23.34 (participation in an unauthorized event) and Art. 23.4 (disobedience to the police).

The case of Darya Spyavak was considered by Judge Zhyvitsa. Simonchyk and Kushner were witnesses in the case. It was the former, according to the protocol, who detained Daryia.

The maximum terms of administrative arrest – 15 days – were given to the journalist of “Belarusy i Rynak” Artsyom Mayorau, photographer of and BelaPAN Vadzim Zamirouski and journalist of BelaPAN Usevalad Zarubin.

They were tried on two counts at once: participation in an unauthorized event and disobedience to police. On October 17, Zamirouski, Mayorau and Zarubin participated in the march as journalists, Zamirovski wore a “PRESS” vest.

On October 17, Minsk hosted two actions – the student Youth March and the already traditional Saturday Women’s March. On the eve, police detained Vadzim Zamirouski, a photographer for BelaPAN and the portal, Darya Spyavak, a journalist working for Onliner, and Usevalad Zarubin, a journalist for BelaPAN and TUT.BY. Darya Spyavak and Vadzim Zamirouski spent two nights at Akrestsina Street.

Initially, the police said that the journalists had been detained to check their IDs. Later it was reported that administrative proceedings were initiated against them.

During the Sunday march on October 18, Belsat journalist Ales Lyubyanchuk was detained.

Ales Lyubyanchuk, Belsat

The Kastrychnitski District Court sentenced Ales to 15 days of arrest for alleged disobedience to police officers. He has already spent 6 days behind bars this month. The journalist was detained on September 24, sentenced to administrative arrest the next day and fined 30 basic units (510 rubles). On October 3, Lyubyanchuk was transported from Minsk to Baranavichy and released on October 6.

Freelancer Alena Dounar remains behind bars in Akrestsina Street. The 23-year-old journalist is serving the second 15 days. The girl was detained on September 26 at the Women’s March. Two protocols were filed in her case: participation in the action on September 26 and disobedience to the police. The judge Alyaksandr Rudenka sentenced the girl not only to a jail term, but also to a fine of 1,350 rubles.

On 10/12/2020, the court sentenced journalist Alyaksandr Sidareuski to 15 days of administrative arrest. Our colleague remains at large.

In the court of the Homiel region, judge Fyadosava fined Larysa Shchyrakova 30 basic units for cooperation with Belsat without formal accreditation.

The journalist was charged with covering the August 30 protest march.