Hundreds of psychotropic drug stashes found in Minsk

Minsk investigators detected a group of dealers of narcotics and psychotropics.

The Investigative Committee said it finished investigating a number of large scale cases of illicit trafficking of extremely dangerous narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances supervised by a criminal group.

Two unemployed Salihorsk residents of 19 and 23 years old are on trial over a criminal case. In August the boys rented a flat, where they separated large quantities of drugs in small portions. After this, drugs were stashed around town.

One of the dealers caught red-handed in the rented apartment, he just as he was packaging drugs. It was he who revealed to investigators locations of the stashes.

A similar case was investigated against another 26-year-old Minsk resident. He was detained when he was putting drugs in a stash.

During special investigation activities, the police determined the addresses of more than 500 stashes used to distribute drugs.

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